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Cybercrime Update: Astroturfing

Astroturfing is an illegal false advertising cyber scam, utilised by companies, organisations, politicians and individuals to boost company reputation, search results and public opinion – through unauthentic and questionable means. This online campaigning consists of fake reviews on websites and forums such as Yelp or the Apple iTunes store, lobbyists running fake blogs on behalf […]
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Twitter Troll Update: Anti-abuse filters

#Twitter Troll Update as the company roll out a series of Anti-abuse filters The latest updates from Twitter, in contrast with yesterday’s upgrade facilitating unauthorised contact via direct messages, is another stance against trolls and abusive Tweeting. Just as Doxxing, Swatting, harassment and general nuisances from particular demographics of Twitters users are ongoing, so is […]
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#Gamergate – Downfall of Cybersecurity

#Gamergate is a relatively recent, but rampant, phenomenon in social media, cyber-bullying and sexism, typically targeting female developers and members of the Video Game industry. Blasts of misogynistic online attacks in forms such as Doxxing, Swatting, defamation and threatening acts of online harassment are still ongoing, coordinated by the #gamergate hashtag, despite recent efforts of […]
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Cybercrime Update: CatPhishing

Ways to Protect Yourself Online from “Crooked Sweethearts” Catphishing (or “Catfishing”) is a “romance scam” and form of fraud, highly popularised by the use of social media networks, online chat forums and documentary-turned television series by the same name. The term “catfish” was defined in the Oxford dictionary in 2014 (“to lure someone into a […]
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