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eDiscovery Software for Screen Capture


Browse. Click. Evidence.

Capture legal evidence with a single click right from your Web Browser. Create evidentiary-quality evidence from webpages and social media without technical training.


Create Authenticated Evidence

Digital evidence – like Web and Social Media pages – require proof of data authenticity and integrity as required by the Federal Rules of Evidence (901). WebPreserver provides this by placing a 256-bit digital signature and timestamps on the captured files using a certified Stratum-1 atomic clock in compliance with the eSign act.


Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google+, you name it

WebPreserver can turn any social media page into authenticated legal evidence, basically any social media webpage that you can reach in your web browser. Simply pull up the social media page and take a snapshot with the WebPreserver button in your web browser.


Websites, Blogs, Forums, just everything online

Capture snapshots of websites, blogs, feeds, forums with one click: browse to the webpage of your choice and use the WebPreserver button to take a evidentiary-quality ready screenshot.



Snapshots can be organized in folders for easy access. For instance you could organize by case, attorney, date or any way that you like.



Each snapshot  can be easily tagged with keywords. The interface shows a tags cloud that allows you to quickly look all snapshots with the tag you were looking for.


Create PDFs

No hassle with PDF tools to get your evidence ready for presentation. WebPreserver provides a quick export of your web snapshots in PDF format to print them out for your records.


Search your archives

All snapshots are full-text searchable including the webpage text, metadata and tags, giving you the ability to quickly find or filter the exact documentation you need.


Concordance Integration

After you have finished your website or social media snapshot, you might want to import the pages and metadata into Concordance. WebPreserver is ready for that, providing an optimized export option to make life easier for you.


Export to eDiscovery tools with EDRM-XML

EDRM-XML is an eDiscovery standard file format to exchange data between eDiscovery systems. WebPreserver supports EDRM-XML to allow you to easily import webpage and social media snapshots into the eDiscovery software of your choice.


Export to WARC

WARC is the Web ARChive format, an industry standard for archiving webpages and metadata meant for long term preservation of webpages. In addition to the original file format (HTML, CSS etc.), the WARC export also contains all other (header) metadata that provide details on where and when a digital files was downloaded from a web server. This format can be specifically of interest for digital forensics experts.